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Mega Verses Scripture Memory

Helping families memorize scripture

Scripture Memory Program

How to get started for your family, school or church

1. There are Four Volumes of Mega Verses (48 total passages)

Each volume includes 12 passages of scripture

Students can download or stream songs

Easiest way is to use the Mega Verse App / Apple / Google Play

The App includes all songs, coloring book, flash cards, song book, etc. for free

2. Start with one volume at a time and add as you build your program

As you add the next volume you continue quoting the previous volume(s)

You can recognize students as they complete each volume (the Mega One Dozen club, Two Dozen Club, etc.)

We recognize students as they reach each level and present a special award for the Mega Masters (students quoting all 48 passages)

3. Use the free lyric videos for music / worship for your group

Use the free Mega Minute teaching videos to introduce each new passage

4. Use incentives as students complete each volume

Mega Verse Store or rewards (items students can earn or spend their points to purchase)

Set up a Mega Store for students to spend their points earned (go big)

Mega Store could be monthly, or by semester, or as needed

5. Use the Mega Verse Family chart to track your progress

 We give points five points for each mega verse quoted and an extra five points if their parent does

 There is a downloadable family chart to track progress at the bottom of this page

 Set up a structure for listening and tracking students quoting Mega Verses

Free downloads

Family Chart to track progress / Family Chart 2 / Mega Verse list